The Lake:
Lake Wanaka is a deep, glacial lake, offering challenging and unpredictable fishing from self–sustaining populations of salmon and trout.
The type of fishing depends on the season. In summer, fish stay deep and feed in the morning and evening. In autumn, brown trout and salmon congregate near the river mouths and shoreline. In the winter and spring, rainbows congregate at the river mouths, brown trout near the drop-offs and close to the shore, and there salmon are also around.
The upper reaches flow over a gravel and stone bed and around large boulders.

The Clutha River:
There is a large population of brown and rainbow trout many lying deep within the pools and runs, particularly between the Holiday Park and Albert Town. A great way to access these fish is via raft on adrift fishing trip!

Lake Outlet Holiday Park is perfectly positioned at the Outlet of Lake Wanaka for easily accessed fishing spots.

What gear to use:
Both spinning and fly fishing work well with fly fishing being the best and most productive method during the warmer months. Trout can be difficult to spot but there can be a very good rise when there is a sedge hatch on warm summer evenings.

Fishing in the Clutha River

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